This place is a WIP, but here is where I will show my favorite Petz in Petz 5!


One of my first kitties! I wanted to get some modded breeds when I first got myself Petz 5, and I got myself a Firepoint Wreath Kittling and fell in love! His coloring reminds me of the character Tricky the Clown from Madness Combat (yes I know this breed is Christmas themed) and I named him after that! I might hex him a bit or give him custom clothes to better resemble his namesake, but I still love him regardless!

This is Flomp. She is a snail-cat hybrid, thus her strange appearance. Flomp is very strange yet super cute, I love her.

Splork is a snail-cat hybrid, and they have a very large tail and no feet. Their front legs are longer than their hindlegs, I think it's hard to see with the tail. They get around just fine though, and love to play!

Blood is very sweet despite his name, he loves constant attention and pets. He also wears a powerful artifact atop his head, but he has no use for it. Or does he?